Towner Park

Towner Park

Towner Park Road – North Saanich, British Columbia – 2008 to 2010


This magnificent property is a three acre point of land on the North Shore of Patricia Bay.  It was known as Warriors Point and has significant archaeological features in many areas.  The archaeological team was consulted extensively during the design and construction of the landscape to respectfully integrate the garden into the existing site conditions.



Towner Park - Plan

The existing landscape was dominated by a colony of old arbutus, old growth fir and cedar trees.  Previous estate gardens, dating back to the late 1940’s meant that the new gardens were able to use the mature trees, rhododendrons, camellias, etc. as their structural backbone.

Planting around the perimeter of the property focused on reintroducing native ferns, salal, mahonia, flowering, currant etc. The central gardens around the main and guest houses were more formal in structure and planting offering an array of seasonal interest in the flowering and fall colours of the trees, shrubs, perennials and spring bulbs.

Custom designed granite cobbles and border pieces for the driveway along with a feature compass rose in the entrance courtyard make for a spectacular drive around the property.  Patios and pathways around the house and gardens were created with Pennsylvania Bluestone slabs with the planting of cotula, thyme, etc. in the spaces between.

The formality of the lawns and the gardens is strongest closest to both residences and recedes towards the forest edges and waterfront. Strategic view lines were developed on the property to take advantage of the expansive views yet provides protection from the Point’s exposure to the weather.