Public Art Portfolio

  • Sunscreen
  • Succession – West Vancouver
    Succession – West Vancouver
  • Sticks n Stones
    Sticks n Stones
  • Succession II – Burnaby Vancouver
    Succession II – Burnaby Vancouver
  • Bent Grasses
    Bent Grasses
  • Stand Together
    Stand Together
  • Dream Window
    Dream Window
  • Tap Route
    Tap Route
  • Bourgeoning
  • Leave it to Me
    Leave it to Me
  • Lost Airmen of the Empire
    Lost Airmen of the Empire
  • Rock Water Reeds
    Rock Water Reeds
  • Hen House Dustup
    Hen House Dustup
  • Commerce Canoe
    Commerce Canoe
  • Bouquet of Memories
    Bouquet of Memories
  • Tom Thomson
    Tom Thomson
  • Granite Avocados
    Granite Avocados
  • Re: Assemblage
    Re: Assemblage
  • Bowker Accord
    Bowker Accord
  • Tern Tern Tern
    Tern Tern Tern
  • Lindabrunn Sculpture
    Lindabrunn Sculpture