Lauder Road


Lauder Road, Cadboro Bay – Victoria, British Columbia – 2009

The residence on Lauder Rd. is a modernist design from the early 1960’s. Built into a hill, the basement is at grade level and the front garden rises to meet the main floor entrance.



Lauder Road - Plan

Our response was a simple contemporary garden that terraced the slope to make level open areas in the front garden

The terraces were created with 40 tons of Salt Spring Island Sandstone boulders and mortared rock walls built from local blast rock. A generous set of concrete stairs links the driveway to the main entrance of the house while providing a dynamic entrance sequence through the landscape.

The driveway became a feature of the site by using patterns, textures and colours of concrete to tie in with the modern garden design.

The planting choices were determined by the voracious deer in the neighbourhood and the drying, salty winds blowing over the site from Cadboro Bay. Combinations of boxwood, grasses, heathers, lavender, rhododendrons, euphorbia, etc. make up a garden that provides interest year round.