Upland Gates

Upland Gates

Cadboro Bay Road – Uplands Gates, Victoria, British Columbia – 2005 to 2007

This property developed in the 1930’s is located south of Cadboro Bay Village overlooking the bay.  In conjunction with a major house renovation and the property’s extreme grade change the requirement for three major level outdoor spaces dictated the design criteria.



These spaces were a south facing patio courtyard and a two part multi level front garden.  Since the home owners traveled extensively to the south of France and Italy, their passion for these regions influenced the space layout, materials and textures.

The patio courtyard adjacent to the new kitchen functions as the main outdoor living space.  Nestled into the hillside the ambience of this intimate courtyard is characterized by the texture of the surrounding mortared rock walls.

Because of the protection the hillside affords from the prevailing bay winds and the southern orientation a comfortable micro climate is created extending the outdoor season.

The final spaces were a multi level front garden and patio.  These level spaces were created by the fill from the south side cut.  The resultant lower flower garden and raised bistro patio affords expansive views of Cadboro Bay and The Strait of Juan de Fuca.





Upland Gates - Plan

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